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  Brown Belt Testing:
March 26, 2019
Two new students have
reached the rank of a Brown

It is an amazing achievement.
It takes three to four years of

Students not only learn karate
skills but also persistence,
they develop and value hard
work ethics and become
assistants and mentors to the
beginner students.

So proud of them.
Promotions for
December 2018

This is the last group that
was promoted to a higher
belt this week.

Total of 33 tests and

We're so humbled by our

Thank you and

Promotions for
June and July 2018
Our June/July belt

Look at these proud and
happy faces. They have
accomplished so much.

As students with
disabilities and special
needs they are
overcoming so much and
are showing remarkable
resilience, persistence,
learning ability.

We're proud beyond

  First Belt Testing and Promotion at Notre Dame School of
Dallas: April, 2018
Look at these happy faces, we're very proud of each one of them! Also, look  
at how supportive and encouraging are students one to each other. Notice
the newer students admiring their a bit more-advanced peers. Love it.
December 7 & 8 , 2017

What an awesome week we had at
Beyond Karate.
Everyone is working so hard and
making huge progress. 15 students
were promoted to a higher belt.

So what does that mean?

- Students’ self confidence is increased.
- Students feel successful in their
- Students develop their self-defense
- Students develop a sense of
- Students have learned how to
overcome difficulties.
- Students have a lot of fun while

And much more.

  Belt Test: April 4, 2017
  Five of Beyond Karate students
were promoted to higher belts
today. We are so proud of them.

We are especially proud of
introducing adapted curriculum for
belt testing. At Beyond Karate we
don't give away belts: students
need to earn them.

At the same time, we accept every
student regardless of their ability.

We believe everyone can learn and
make progress when given a
chance. We are about inclusion
and giving a chance to succeed to
Belt Test:
May 31, 2016
  This has been such a great week
at Beyond Karate.  The students
are working hard and their
progress was rewarded through
belt promotion.

There are three requirements to be

  • New kata learned (skills)
  • Respectful behavior during
    the classes
  • Effort in class

We are very proud of each student!
Enjoy the pictures. Just look at
those smiles!
  Such a Great Day for
Beyond Karate students
March 1, 2016
  Such a great day for Karate For All
students. Six students were
promoted to higher belts. We are
so proud of them, their hard work,
dedication and passion for
becoming better.
The best moment for me is putting
a new belt on them.

Thank you to Yee Hsun U who
visits our class regularly and helps
with testing.
  We would like to recognize Jordan Kooner,
becasue  Jordan is one of the first five students
who joined Beyond Karate in January of 2014
when Beyond Karate started its  classes  at
Sense-bringing Jordan faithfully to his classes and
for your support for Beyond Karate.
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Amazing things are happening at
Beyond Karate. This month, eight
students were promoted to a higher belt.

We are so proud of each one of them.
It takes effort, skill, perseverance,
respect, will and so much more to keep
getting better through the martial art of

We are especially proud of the three
students who were promoted to the
rank of brown belt. Personal interview
with those students is coming. Stay
tuned and find out what it takes to
become a brown belt in karate.