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on Humble Brag - June 18, 2019
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  We Celebrated Beyond Karate's
5th Anniversary
We celebrated on Friday, December 21, 2018 at the Huffhines Recreation
Center in Richardson, TX.

Five years ago we started BEYOND KARATE with 4 students, 3 of them are still
with us now as brown belts. We're very blessed and very grateful!
  Movie Night! - Friday, Sept. 21, 2018
  This was an EPIC
Karate Movie Night!

First, practicing
legendary moves: wax
on-wax off; paint the
fence and the epic
crane move!

Everyone loved the
bandanas and pizza of
course - 16 large ones
- those teenage boys
can eat!!
  Movie Night! - Friday, July 20, 2018
What a night! Beyond
Karate Movie Night!
Karate kids from all
locations having a class
together and then
watching original Karate
Kid movie.
14 pizzas (2 gluten free)
Over 20 bags of popcorn
over 25 happy karate
kids having a Friday
night outing and fun.
Love making typical
opportunities for our kids.
Wouldn't want to spend
a Friday night any other
Thank you to everyone
who contributed to make
this night a an awesome
time of learning and
social connections for
our kids!
  Social Connections, Saturday June 2, 2018
Social Connections are the best. Food, friendships & celebrating
birthdays! Happy Birthday Kenneth!
  "Flora" visited Beyond Karate in Richardson: May 15, 2018
"Flora" the Therapy Dog, came to learn some karate moves and brought
calm to our Beyond Karate class at Heights Recreation Center, in
Richardson, TX.
  Instructors Certified by One World Martial Arts Federation
On April 29, 2018, four new martial arts instructors trained and certified in
needs/disabilities. Congratulations, Tony Palos, Tina Palos, Lee Stafki, and
Linda Shen!
  Social Connections May 4, 2018: Eating and
Hanging Out
Beyond Karate kids hanging out on a Friday night. Social
Connections: The best time after karate practice. Look at these
happy faces. Making friends.
  At the Movies / September 3, 2017
Beyond Karate Kids were out to see a movie and having fun.
Everyone got inspired to be a better karateka, friend and a
Social Connections / August 25, 2017

So much fun at our monthly

Friendships are being
developed, new students are
welcomed and included.

Social skills practiced!
Social Connections / July 28, 2017
  So proud of our karate
Our monthly social was

- Appropriate
- Mutual interactions
- Peaceful, relaxed
- Good questions and
-Welcoming new
-...and a Birthday
- Parents enjoying social
time with each other
-All around a table as we
share a meal and ice
Social Connections / May 27, 2016
Another fun and this time more purposeful Social Connections at
Beyond Karate, with wonderful conversations about "How to Be the
best Karateka!"
Social Connections / April 29, 2016
and parents are encouraged to participate. Our students love their karate
training and have embraced karate values of respect for self and others.
They truly enjoy spending time together outside of the classes.  
Friendships are developed, social skills are enhanced, and everyone has a
great time. One can only marvel at the excitement of the students who love
learning and playing together.