Beyond Karate Inclusive Martial Arts School Dallas Texas
Tournament | Saturday, November 4, 2017 in Austin, Texas
  This weekend over 60 martial artists from two schools: One World Karate &
Beyond Karate came together in Austin, Texas, to demonstrate their art,
sportsmanship, inclusion, friendship and that no matter the ability you have a
place where you can belong and be exceed everyone's exceptions.

All of this under the umbrella of
One World Martial Arts Federation - for schools
who teach martial arts to students with disabilities and special needs.

Thank you
Saya Daniel Carroll for being such a gracious host! Looking forward
to many more future joined events!

So proud of 12 Beyond Karate Students who participated! Let the pictures
speak for themselves!
Tournament | Saturday, May 21, 2016

I was looking for a Monday Inspiration quote but then I realized I don't need one
because my karate students and their parents are my inspiration. Here are some
of the quotes from my students and their parents from this weekend's karate

  • "I saw my son happy today! Thank you!" - parent
  • "My son's heart grew today" - parent
  • "You should receive 'best teacher award" - student

I'm so grateful and inspired by my karate students and their parents! Thank you!
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